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PALAVEN offers a personal and breathtaking way to celebrate your special occasions!

We create large scale light displays using autonomous drone swarm technology. Our primary fleet of 200 drones, launching in late summer, can light up the sky with striking pictures, words and motions of your choice!

Our carefully choreographed performances can be accompanied by your favourite songs!

As an eco-friendly alternative to fireworks, we provide a bold statement at no cost to wildlife or household pets, who can be scared of loud noises!

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About Us

We know that celebrating your special occasion is a must. But we firmly believe this shouldn’t cause harm to the air quality or nearby habitats. PALAVEN seeks to entertain with stunning displays that are harmless to both animals and the planet!

Big celebrations can sometimes leave a harmful stream of pollution. Our displays aim to create magical movement in the sky and leave the atmosphere just as we found it.

The cutting-edge technology we use to paint the sky has been designed and manufactured by a small team of engineers currently studying at the University of Southampton. The drones use a secure system that has been developed in the UK.

We aim to keep waste materials and single-use plastics to a minimum, and recycle as much as we possibly can.



As a small team, we are always looking for new, talented individuals with a wide range of interests, from machine learning to motor design.

We are currently seeking motivated and enthusiastic programmers who are capable of working within a small team, but also individually on independent projects.

A background in computer science or electronic engineering would be necessary for the complexity of our roles, but a degree is not a requirement. Previous experience in writing or developing host/embedded programs would be preferable.

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